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Another InfoTube Success Story

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 posted by Tommi Crow

Dear InfoTube,

Our closing went wonderful. We are now in our new house. Many of our friends and family are wanting to sell their house now and we told them how we did it so quickly. They were very amazed with your system.

A couple have still gone with a realtor but have not had any results. Now they wish they had
gone with InfoTube. They said they felt like trying to do it yourself would be too much work. I told them all I had to do was go to your website enter in the information, print up some flyers to put in the tube and put an ad in the paper with the InfoTube ad #.

It was SO easy. Thank you again for ultimately leading us to our dream home. If for some reason we have to sell this home we will be sure to use you again.

Jaime Jackson