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Flip This House an AETV Must See

Thursday, October 13, 2005 posted by Tommi Crow

Flip This House on AETV is a must see for everyone interested real estate reality programming.

The show surprisingly is not filmed in southern California, but Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina.

The stars of the show are not professional actors. They are a team of full-time Realtors and local contractors. The company, Trademark Properties, is a small, locally-owned real estate company with 3 offices in Charleston, founded by Richard C. Davis, the broker/owner.

The show offers a realistic and entertaining look at challenges of buying neglected houses. The Trademark real estate team works hard to make a respectable profit on the resale of their fixer-uppers. Unlike many of the California real estate fantasy shows, these projects are real and are in the budget of most of the viewers.

Richard and his wonderful support team believe any house in a good location is worth fixing. They tackle some homes under $100,000, even if the profit potential is only a few thousand dollars. To date, per Richard, they have never lost money on a single deal, which is their only goal.

The show is informative and entertaining. Last week’s episode showed the reality of contractor problems, a dumpster rolling down a steep drive, smashing a car and a budget dispute over a deck addition in the back yard. It is refreshing to see a reality TV show actually reflect the reality of my last flipper.

To use a Richard phrase, this show does not “sugar coat” the reality of earning a living buying, fixing and selling a home. Flip This House focuses on a refreshing absense of the get rich quick, money is no object, Hollywood portrayal of real estate investing. “At the end of the day”, everyone that works on the projects, earns their money and tests their patience and investment skills to do so.

If real estate is your passion, be sure to tune in to Flip This House on AETV every Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. EST.