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How to Repaint Your Front Door.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 posted by Tommi Crow

“Curb appeal” and good first impressions start at the front door. Nothing says more about your lifestyle, and who you are than your entry. A well maintained entry conveys pride, a sense of welcoming, and a warm, friendly impression of the people who live inside. Feng shui dictates that a neat and tidy front door are crucial to health and prosperity.

Perhaps, your entry says so much about you because it’s easy to create an inviting entrance way with little effort and without breaking the bank. These easy fix-up tips will not only spruce up your home, but will leave you glowing with pride.

Repaint the Front Door:
1. Sand the door smooth and fill in cracks and rough edges.
2. Prime the door. Allow primer to dry for at least 3 hours.
3. Apply your first topcoat, but never in direct sunlight and keep the door open at all times until completely dry.
4. Apply the second coat the next day. Keep the door wide open until dry.
5. Apply a coat of clear polyurethane, if desired, especially if door is exposed to the weather. Urethane will seal the paint, perserve the finish and will make wiping the door easy.
6. When selecting the type of paint, stay in the same family. If you used an oil base, use oil base primer and urethane. If you used latex, use latex all the way.
7. Choose a color that compliments other colors found on the exterior. Do not use the same color on your garage. Your front door should stand alone.

1. Illumination welcomes people to your home and insures their safety. Clean up light fixtures and replace burned out bulbs. Choose a wattage that provides light, but does not blind. Avoid yellow bulbs that will wash out your front door color.
2. Replace dated light fixtures. It is easy to do yourself and is a very inexpensive way to update your entry. Consider adding a motion detector feature, if replacing your lighting.

1. Polish your door hardware and hinges. Use a brass cleaner and consider adding a coat of polyurethane to keep them shining.
2. Add a kickplate that matches your door hardware. They are inexpensive and add a finished appearance with little effort.
3. Coordinate with a door knocker, mailbox or new house numbers that match your hardware.

1. Accessories add charm, if they are not overdone. Remember that less is generally more, if you find yourself debating.
2. Consider adding a few decorator touches to warm things up: matching flower pots with colorful plants; an attractive wreath, especially during the holidays; a family name plate; an attractive welcome mat; a small chair or setting area; a hanging plant in a decorative container.

Keep it Clean:
1. Clean the glass, wipe the finger prints, sweep the sidewalk and stoop, touch up the trim and porch railings, clear away the cobwebs.

Spruce up your entryway this weekend. An attractive entrance is a source of pride. It also shows that you care about your home, family and your friends. It’s so quick and easy. You will feel great about yourself for doing it.