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Spruce up the Unused Fireplace

Monday, June 12, 2006 posted by Tommi Crow

While the fireplace is a winter focal point in your home, it has little romantic allure while we endure the sizzling summer heat. Take advantage of some design idea’s to brighten up that big fire box as the temperature soars.

First, put away all screens and fireplace tools. Sweep up the ashes and soot. Remove any smoke damage from the surround, then do a bit of camouflaging. Some suggestions are:

1. Place 3 nice, soot free, birch logs or tied bundles of twigs on top of the unused grate.
2. Place several pillar candles in the fireplace to add ambience and a nice aroma.
3. Add a sculpture or dried flowers.
4. Replace the metal screen with a fabric covered one that compliments your decor’.
5. Use a basket or vase of silk plants or flowers. Live plants are not happy inside the fireplace.
6. Place 2 vases with greenery or flowers on either side of the hearth, as shown in the photo.

Flaming or Bare, a fireplace is a focal point of any room. Brighten it up when not in use to increase the appeal of your surroundings.