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Zero VOC Paint Improves your Home

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

Green Planet Paints      I often refer to “painting” as the ideal home improvement.   Considering the nominal cost and ease of application, nothing compares with a simple coat of fresh paint and its ability to update and freshen our homes.   The downside of painting was the overwhelming smell that remained afterwards.

Now, thanks to new, innovative products, paint is stink-free and a better value than ever before.   You can increase the value of your home, improve the environment and your health, by repainting with Zero VOC paints.  

VOC is the acronym for Volatile Organic Compounds.  Simplified, VOC is noxious odor we smell after applying fresh paint.    VOC ratings for paint measure the amount of materials that come out of our paint as it dries.  The EPA has determined that architectural coatings account for 9% of all the offgassing that damages our ozone layer and environment, which is reason enough to choose Zero VOC paints.

Thankfully, we have a number of new choices in innovative paint products.  My personal favorite is , which I believe to be an ideal role model for this country and the paint industry.   

Their beautiful paints are made from sustainable, natural  materials such as clay, mineral pigments, soy extracts, etc., which bring VOC’s emissions to Zero.   In addition to lessening environmental impact, Green Planet Paints is pro-America, purchases all materials locally and hires the disabled to make their paints.      

Tip:  When selecting a Low or No VOC paint, keep in mind that the government only rates the paint base for VOC.  The colorant that is added to the base is not yet calculated into the VOC total.  This means until the rating system changes, you should look deeper than the overall, advertised rating to ensure your paint is not emitting VOC into your home.

If you are selling your home, tell home shoppers that your home is painted with Zero or Low VOC paint.   Today’s buyers are placing a higher value on healthy and environmentally friendly homes.  If smart sellers pay attention to their needs, the market will reward the effort.