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Examples of InfoTube Ad’s & Photo’s that Attract Buyer’s

Thursday, May 15, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

Nicolas Garcia     When you create an advertisement about your house, use only good photo’s.   Because 90% of all home shoppers begin their home search on the internet, buyers rely heavily on photographs to get a feel for the property.  This means the pictures you post of your home will likely be a buyers first impression. 

When selling a home, the time it takes to get a proper camera angle and lighting of the property will be well rewarded.  Home ad’s with good photographs receive 50% more hits and traffic than those with poor photo’s, or worse case, no photo’s.

In looking through the hundreds of homes for sale on InfoTube.Net, I find that most sellers do an excellent job of photographing their property.    I decided to showcase a few examples of “good and could be better” ad’s that I saw today for your review.  I hope these examples encourage you to look at your home ad and to make changes, if your ad doesn’t present your home in the best light.

Exceptional ad’s opt for a closeup angle of the property exterior, emphasize the entry and show off ammenities that buyers are interested in.   They  make sure that cars, toys, overgrown landscape or other distractions do not block the view of the house and emphasize close up details of tile, fixtures, etc. versus taking a shot of a blank wall or half a toilet.

Some ad’s are simply too dark .  In this example, the seller did an excellent job of photographing and describing the interior room views, but unfortuately the internet shopper may never see the inside photo’s.  The seller placed the dark photo of the front exterior in the first position, which is the only photo that appears in the home search screen.  This seller would benefit from retaking their picture with the sunshining on the front.  They can also edit it in a photo shop program to bring up the light and show off the house details and landscape.  A good example of how a seller can use the sun to highlight the exterior can be seen here.

A frequent problem I see is the photo is taken from too far away.   This often results in views of city sidewalks, streets, vacant lots or other details that distract the viewer from actually seeing the property.   This seller would benefit from moving the mini-van blocking the drive and focusing in on a close up of their home.

In conclusion, take a look at your InfoTube Home Ad from the view of a home shopper.   Does your ad emphasize the house, the neighborhood and the ammenties?  Have you used close ups to showcase detail work?  Have you removed all obstacles that distract from the views?  If not, you may want to take a new picture and present your home in way that will better attract a buyers interest.

Thank you for visiting and Best Of Luck on the Sale of Your Home.   We are here to help.