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Improve Curb Appeal for Less than $50.00

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

What is Curb Appeal?   It is the first impression of a house as seen from the street.     

How can a do-it-yourselfer on a limited budget improve the curb appeal of their home?    Simply, add some color and life to the landscape. 

Any doubts??  Seeing is believing.   Even a bit of mulch thrown around existing plants helps this home show better.

Before and After Mulch

When selling a home, little compares to the value that colorful plants and fresh mulch can add to the curb appeal.    An attractive landscape not only showcases pride of ownership, but plants are one of the few options that can instantly improve bad architecture or distract from a neighborhood eyesore with little to no expense or effort.

Take a Look at the Before and After pictures below.  You can immediately see the huge difference that colorful plants, mulch and a few dollars can make in the appearance of these homes.   digital_before_after_lg.jpg

Before and after bedding plants

If you are convinced that improving the appeal of your property is a “must do”, adding color and tiding up your landscape is as easy as a stop by your local nursery.   Unless you know what plants to choose, arm your a picture of your present landscape.  Ask the experts what plants they recommend for your needs, then dig in.

If you want to learn about suitable plants and great idea’s, before visiting a local garden center, check out is a non-profit resource from the National Gardening Association.   The website is easy to use and features fun and helpful tools including: Plant selection screener; free seed swap; pest and weed control solutions; and much more.

A great website resource for detailed and reliable information about tree’s is .  The website offers tree selection and identification, tips for pruning, fertilizing and placement.  They also give away Free Tree’s.   Become a member and receive 10 free flowering tree’s to use in your landscape, give as gifts or  plant randomly to improve the enviroment and beauty of your community.  The website also has fun and educational programs and give aways for schools and children.