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Selling Homes: Psychology of Landscaping

Friday, May 30, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

Entry Plants

Most home buyers believe they focus on the interior features of houses more than the landscape, but the truth is, that buyers will not get out of their car if the front landscape lacks interest and upkeep.  The landscape should arouse the buyer’s interest and lure them inside to view the interior.

To get the highest return on your landscape dollar, utilize the principles found in Landscape Design Psychology.  Landscape Psychology is based upon scientific research into the effects that the landscape has on home buyers.   These proven idea’s will help your home sell faster, and for more money, by working on buyer emotions and senses.

The Power of Color

Coordinate the colors of your flowering foliage.  Consider your selling season and plant flowers that perform well during that period.  Use plants that support your atmosphere and climate.   Also, use no more than 3 colors to give continuity and form to your landscape.

shadegarden-main_full.jpg   Colors also have psychological power.  Green suggests freshness, coolness and vitality.   White shows up at night and conjures feelings of cleanliness.   Yellow is the first color our eye processes, so a spot of yellow by the front door will draw the eye to your entrance.   Red, yellow and Orange are all Hot colors, which excite and pick up the mood of any weary house hunter. Landscape is a great website for the average homeowner.   The site provides idea’s and advice from professionals including a plant selector, great photographs, color scheme screener, DIY tutorials and helpful tips about hedges, fences, sidewalks, lawns and more.

Another great resource for help in creating an outdoor paradise can be found at HGTV.   

The Power of Smell

Realtors advise sellers to bake cookies or burn vanilla candles before showings or Open Houses because a comforting and pleasant aroma has the power to influence minds and moods.

In addition to color psychology, smart home owners give thought to the use of scents when planting a landscape.  They take advantage of the power of smell, especially near pathways and entry doors, that provoke a desired emotional response.  

Window Boxes in a Dormer Window     A few inexpensive and easy to grow suggestions that add a touch of scent to any landscape include lemon scented geraniums, jasmine, rosemary, lavender, basil, roses, hostas, honey suckle, gardenia or heliotrope.   In addition to providing months of enjoyment, many of these plants perform in a vareity of places such window boxes, planters, planting beds, hanging baskets or pathways.

When it comes to selling homes, a smart psychology landscape design can give you a huge advantage over your competition.   If buyers feel good while they look at your home, you will sell it quickly and for top dollar.