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5 Tips to Sell Your Home NOW

Friday, July 18, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow


Unless you were alive when Herbert Hoover was sitting in the oval office, this is probably the worst home selling market you have ever experienced.   

Certainly, things are not horrible everywhere.  Charlotte, NC and Rochester, NY are holding on, but elsewhere, housing sales and prices are still falling, while inventories are growing.    

So, what should you do if life circumstances dictate that you MUST SELL your home in this market?  What actions can you take to beat out your competition??    Yes, the situation is painful.  But, if you have to sell, InfoTube can help.

5 Tips to Help You Sell, When you Have To Sell:

  1. Don’t Spend Money.

Your house needs to make a good impression on buyers, but DO NOT spend money on big ticket items or home improvements.   Focus your attention and budget on a new paint job, deep cleaning and a lot of sprucing up.   But, absolutely, make all repairs.  

     2.    Don’t Sit on the Sidelines.

If you have to sell, now is the time.   Don’t make the mistake of hanging on, hoping prices will improve any time soon.   They won’t.   I expect another year to pass before we see any bottom in pricing.  Forget the market timing approach and put your home up for sale today.

     3.    Get Real.

Separate your emotional attachment to your home from your family’s financial best interests.  Selling a home is strictly business and should be treated as such.  

Don’t forget that smart home shoppers read the news.   Buyers expect a bargain, so give them one.  Don’t make the mistake of letting the house languish on the market.  Set a realistic price target for your home from the beginning.  Better yet, crush your competition and price your home 5%-10% below theirs.  Forget about pre-crash appraisals or the sticker price for those custom upgrades, those comparisons won’t fly, so don’t try it.

    4.    Early to Bed.  Early to Rise.  Advertise. Advertise. Advertise… Ray Crock

Whether your home is for sale by owner or by agent, you need to be active in the promotion of your property.   Your home should be advertised in the local classifieds, company newsletters, church bulletins, university or employee bulletin boards, bill boards or anywhere buyers are looking.

While local print advertising is important, don’t forget the power of the internet.   90% of all buyers begin their search for a home on the world wide web.    The internet is also the only means of effectively reaching out of the area shoppers and those from foreign countries.

Whether you are selling by agent or owner, take advantage of websites such as, which offer a free home listing web page with photo’s. also uploads its home listings to other websites and search engines, leaving a lot less work for you to do.   Other websites, such as craigslist also offer home listing services and should be utilized in your sales efforts.

Contact Why 6%.  Why 6% will guarantee that your home listing appears on all Realtor owned web sites, even if you are selling your home by owner.   The company also uploads home listing information to the local MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, Cyberhomes and others, in one easy step. 

     5.   Accept the Offer

If you need to sell now, you would be well advised to accept any reasonable offer from a qualified buyer.   It is easy to determine what “reasonable” is.  Ask your agent for comp’s or just review the asking and selling prices for your neighborhood on a website such as Zillow. 

If the first offer is low, but reasonable, you can negotiate, but remember the buyer has more power now.  Don’t blow a sale arguing over a few dollars.  Your home is only worth what someone will pay for it, which might be far less than what you think your home is worth. 

Best advise:  If the buyer makes an offer that is close, don’t counteroffer.  Sign the contract on the spot and congratulate yourself on nailing down one of the few buyers out there these days.  

   Thank you for visiting  Have a great weekend and best of luck on the sale of your property.