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6 Signs of a Lousy Real Estate Agent

Monday, August 18, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

At, we strive to help home owners sell their property, whether it is listed by owner or listed with an agent.  Sellers, who can afford the luxury of a full service real estate agents, often get less expertise and help than they deserve and pay for. 

6 Ways to Determine that you Hired a Crummy Realtor or Real Estate Agent:


  1. Bad Behavior:   Each state has a real estate association that moniters agent behavior and tracks compliants.   Check the agents record before you hire them.  If you are already working with an agent that you suspect has acted in an ethical or unlawfile manner, contact your state association to review compliants from previous customers.   The state association also tracks criminal behavior by agents.
  2. Part-Timers:   If you are willing to pay thousands of dollars in fee’s to a real estate agent, make sure they aren’t a waiter in real life.   Just because an agent is licensed, it doesn’t mean real estate is their full-time job.   Insist on a seasoned, full-time agent, before you give up six percent of your sales price.  The 6 percent real estate monopoly means they all charge the same amount to sell a home, so hire a pro.
  3. No Contact:   When you are spending big bucks to sell your home by agent, instant communication is a “must do”.   If your agent doesn’t return calls in a timely manner, use email, or they have only one contact number…the relationship won’t work.    The last thing a seller needs in a bad market is to find they lost a buyer to the competition because no one could reach the listing agent.
  4. Insists You Use Their Partners:  Realtors who insist or push a particular lender, inspector, title company, mover or lawyer, are likely receiving “kick backs” and making undisclosed money.   Agents scamming a referral fee should send up a huge red flag.  It’s your money, so you should use the services of whoever you want in your transaction.
  5. Clueless:  Good Realtors are not the shy, quiet type.  They are sales people and they are full of advice.  If your agent makes no suggestions about improvements, drippy faucets or something…they are probably not fully engaged in selling property.  If they don’t firmly recommended a sales price and have facts to back it up, they probably don’t have the experience, confidence or personality to get the job done.
  6. Push In House Listings:  Some real estate brokerages hold listings “in house” for some time, giving their company a chance to “double dip” and earn both the listing and selling commission.   Avoid brokerages who push in house listings and Insist that your property be placed on the MLS immediately upon signing of the listing agreement.    This questionable business practice is also known as a “pocket listing”.  Agents who pocket list harm buyers by limiting the inventory they can select from, and cost sellers time and money by limiting their exposure to all buyers in the market and increasing the odds the listing will look stale, once it is placed on the MLS. has thousands of home listed for sale by owner and by agent.  Search our database of fresh listings today and if you want the advantage of the MLS without paying 6 percent of your sales price in fee’s, get a low, flat fee MLS and sell today for thousands less.

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