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Best Advice for Emerging Trends in Real Estate

Friday, October 24, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow


The housing market and US economy is extremely scary this Halloween.   Many of us feel as if we have been buried alive.  But, just like the zombies on a late night horror flick, real estate investor’s will raise from the dead and roam the earth again.

The market forecaster’s predict that the market will hit bottom in 2009, and will fight to survive through much of 2010. 

During this period, we will experience further drops in property values, as foreclosures and deliquencies continue.  Job loss and the faltering US economy will continue to pinch property cash flows and hamper an active lending environment, .

So, what signs of life will investors see before exhumation begins?   Which opportunities are lurking, just below the surface, that the prudent should take advantage of?

  • The gruesome death of US real estate market has a beneficiary.  The cash rich, foreign buyer.  These well-healed investors will take advantage of a weak dollar, focusing on “trophy” properties located in major, active cities with plentiful employment and quality of life.
  • The first area’s of the country to show signs of recovery will be the “cities that never sleep”, located in coastal area’s.
  • Multi-family and higher density properties with retail shopping will be the focus for future developers.
  • Other developer’s will focus building in area’s with neighborhood retail centers with big box grocery and chain drug store anchors.
  • Apartment building investments may pay off now.  Look for mid-range property near transit in high density locations.  Vacancy rates are very low, and will remain so, as people cut living expenses. 
  • Distressed condo’s located in urban area’s near transit bode watching.
  • GREEN is GOOD.  Cutting energy expenses will be a priority for investors and buyers, alike.
  • Residential building lots will get a cheaper, as builders dump options and inventory.   Spelling profit potetianal for the patient.
  • Commericial will show signs of life, before residential.

The world is indeed a dark, scary place at the moment.  But, rest assured, the sun will come up.  And, while we have no quick way to stop the bleeding, the ones of us who survive the slaughter may grow fat on the plentiful carnage.  To the mindful, patient go the spoils.

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