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#1 Home Selling Secret

Monday, February 2, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

Home seller’s frequently ask if there is anything they can “throw in” to the deal to help their home sell faster?  The truth is, not really.  It is very unlikely that anyone would decide to purchase a particular home because it included a free trip to Hawaii.  

Today’s buyer is educated, smart and they do their homework.  They may love the fact that you are throwing your prized speedboat into the deal, but it doesn’t mean they will pay more because of it.

The ONLY thing a seller can do to increase the odds of selling their house is very simple.  Price it competitively.  Price it to Sell.   The price is a much more powerful sales incentive than a free vacation, used car, furniture or a free granite countertops.

If you are serious about selling a home, get into A+ shape, stage it, post a listing on your local MLS and price it to sell.

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