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4 Mandatory Things Seller’s Must do to Find Buyers

Thursday, February 26, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

If you are one of the thousands of people trying to sell a home, you need to accept the fact that home shoppers can not buy your house, if they don’t know it is for sale.  Whether you are an owner, builder or real estate agent, you MUST use the marketing and advertising methods that pay off and forget about those that don’t.

4 Mandatory Things Home Seller’s Must do to Find Buyer’s

#1:  Get Your Home Listed on the Local MLS: 

The MLS is the #1 place you should advertise your home listing for  maximum exposure.  Why?  Real Estate Agents use the MLS, exclusively, to locate property for the prospective buyers riding in their cars.  And, the MLS is the only way to advertise your property to every real estate agent in America.    In addition, an MLS listing is the only way to get your home listed on and other major web portals for real estate.  FSBO’s pay attention!!  In 2008, over 60 percent of home buyers, who did not use a Realtor, found the home they bought through these public access MLS websites.  

If you don’t have your home listed on the MLS, please do it now.  The spring selling season is the busiest season for real estate and you need the MLS to take advantage of the activity in the market.  Go to Why 6  They have a network of brokers across the country that can list your home on the MLS, along with all public MLS websites, for 6-12 months only $399. 

#2 Advertise on the Internet, Not a Newspaper

In addition to an MLS listing, you have to advertise your property on the internet.  90 percent of all buyers shop on the internet for a home.  If you are putting money into newspaper advertising or home buyer guides, you would be much better off spending the money for online advertising. Only 3 percent of all buyers found their home through traditional print advertising. 90 percent of buyers located their home on the internet.  (Curb Appeal still matters.  77 percent of home shoppers drive by or tour in person.)

#3 Create a Website About Your Property Features

The NAR reported that Homebuyers overwhelming selected properties that have their own webpage over those that don’t.  Buyers also reported that photographs (86 percent) and detailed information (84 percent) were the most important and useful website features.   Video or virtual tours (offered on are also very popular (68 percent) with home buyers.     Tip:  When it comes to photo’s it seems the more you have the better.   Studies show that having 16 photo’s instead of 15 resulted in 33 percent more page views.  20 photo’s were the optimum number for maximum exposure, which coincidentally happens to be the number of photo’s offered on

#4 Yard Sign with an InfoTube or InfoBox

  One of the best ways to advertise your property is clearly low tech.   15 percent of all buyers reported that they found their home by seeing the yard sign.  And, it seems that all buyers love the convenience of driving by and picking up a brochure to learn more about the house.  A whopping 90 percent of buyers are angry or upset, if they find an empty InfoTube or InfoBox.

In conclusion, it is essential to advertise a property where the buyers are shopping, if you want to sell real estate.  Experience and Research prove that the MLS, the internet and yard signs with stuffed InfoTubes and InfoBoxes, are the only things that pay off for the professional real estate agent or the sale by owner, alike.  

Home for Sale

Home for Sale

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