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7 Keys to a Great Neighborhood

Thursday, February 5, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

Everyone knows the number one factor in determining desirability and the value of real estate is Location.  According to research done by the Committee for Stabilizing America’s Neighborhoods, the best neighborhoods have seven common characteristics.

7 Ways to Identify a Great Neighborhood

  1.  An attractive civic core that serves the community with local retailers and a community gathering place like a park or square.
  2. Good Walkability.   To See the Walkscore of your home, click here.
  3. Owner Occupancy.  In good neighborhoods, the majority of the homes are owned by the people who live in them.
  4. Safety.  Neighborhoods should be a place where the citizens can live and play comfortably.
  5. Public-private partnerships.  Proper zoning, along with citizens who work together with locally supported businesses.
  6. Privacy and Protection.  Good area’s are shielded from excessive traffic and noise.
  7. Identity.  Clear neighborhood identity and boundaries are essential.

Tip:  Buyer’s are often overwhelmed by the number of home choices in the marketplace and they are often unaware of all the benefits of a particular location.  Smart Seller’s should emphasize the benefits of their neighborhood.  How?  Paint a picture of life in your neighborhood with a video tour, statistics and photographs that emphasize the value of the location and the desirability of the neighborhood.  

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