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Your Home Must Make a Good First Impression

Monday, February 16, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

The springtime is when buyer’s begin shopping for a home to buy in mass.   If you need to sell your home, now is the right time to get serious or take it off the market. 

First and foremost, is your home is ready to make a good first impression???  Before you advertise, market or show your property, it is imperitive that you declutter, depersonalize, clean and shine everything from top to bottom.  If you don’t, buyer’s will simply cross your home off the list and move on to your competitor.

We have been following the short stories of an actual, qualified home buyer, Jennifer Fields.  Jennifer offers fun and informative insight for home sellers about what she is seeing and experiencing in the home shopping market.   Good and Bad. 

For a sneek peek inside the mind of a full-time home shopper, take a minute and read I Can Sell this Home.   Jennifer reveals some home shopping war stories of mistakes that smart seller’s can avoid without spending a dime.

A sample of some recent things she saw touring ten homes this weekend include:

  • Dogs left inside in a downstairs room with a note saying not to go in there. There went 100sf we couldn’t see.
  • Closets crammed with all kinds of stuff that needed to be in storage
  • Obviously dirty underwear on a shelf in a walk-in closet
  • Half-finished bottle of Sunny D on the front porch

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