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First-Time Buyers Dominate Housing Market

Thursday, March 26, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

Mega real estate website, (owned by Move Inc), released survey results which showed that 54 percent of the people planning to purchase a home this year are first-time home buyers.  This is good news for home sellers because first-time buyers do not have another property they have to sell.  

In a press release statement, Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move, Inc had more encouraging news. “It’s not all doom and gloom” said Berkowitz.  “We found Americans are optimistic about homeownership despite concerns.”  He blamed the surge in first time buyer interest on the housing crash…”has created significant demand for homeownership especially among first-time buyers,” Berkowitz continued.

Home seller’s, builders and real estate agents can use this information to their advantage when marketing property.   For example, half (50%) of the first time buyer’s polled had not heard about the $8000 tax credit, so be sure to make them aware of it.  Every little bit of information helps, as most first timers are scared about timing.

Some more interesting facts about marketing to First-Time Buyer is:

  • Most prefer more space, or more house for the dollar, over all other amenities.  Be sure to price your home to be the best house for the money.
  • Other options that appeal to first time homeowners are energy saving features, such as energy star appliances, insulation, home improvements and upgrades; a bigger yard or outdoor entertaining area; updated amenities.   Emphasize the features in your home that address these popular “wish list” items.
  • A better location was also on the wish list for first timers.  If your property is located in a convenient, safe and social area of the city, be sure to let them know what is nearby.   You may want to visit and post your walkscore rating on your advertising.

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