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Real Estate Video is a Must for Homeseller’s

Friday, March 6, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

One of the largest obstacles that for sale by owner’s face is a lack of exposure for their home listing.   Whether you have an MLS listing or not, Video is one solution that costs nothing (ie: FREE and Easy to do) and greatly increases web presence.

If you don’t think that video can help you sell your property, just take a look and see what the numbers for January 2009 tell you.

  • 14.8 Billion (yes, Billion) video’s were viewed in January 2009.
  • 147 Million (yes, Million) people watched internet video’s during the month.

If you didn’t think you need video before, these numbers should change your mind.  And, I am not just talking about home virtual tours.  Virtual tours or 360 room views are fine, but they are just the tip of the iceberg.  Homeseller’s can add a lot of variety to their video’s and increase user interest dramatically.    Video tours are fantastic for area’s such as:

  • Subdivision and neighborhood drive thru’s.
  • Parks, greenbelts and nearby outdoor recreation area’s.
  • Shopping Centers that are conveniently located near the property.
  • Schools that serve the area.
  • Churches or government centers such as libraries and public transportation systems.
  • Museums and cultural sites of interest.

All of these local highlight area’s are of high interest to someone looking for a home to buy.  The internet is a world wide web, so seller’s can’t assume that their buyer will be familiar with their town or city.  Make a lasting impression and use video to show buyer’s what your location has to offer. automatically uploads all home video’s to Google and Youtube, the number one search engine for video.   You may not know that Google also searches video descriptive text, so your home listing will show up, even if the word “video” isn’t mentioned in the search term or keyword.

If you don’t use video to assist you in marketing your home, you are falling behind your competition every single day.   But, thankfully spring is coming and it’s not too late!!   Grab your digital camera and give the world a look at your home and location today.

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