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Halloween Cakes. Best in Show

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 posted by Tommi Crow

 Halloween, October 31, 2009.  This year Halloween falls on a Saturday and marks the end of Day Light Savings Time.  Be Safe and Don’t Forget to Roll your Clocks back at 2:00 am, Sunday morning. FREE homes for sale and rent website is wondering:  “Would you would eat these cakes???”   We will feature more incredible, edible Halloween cakes everyday this week.   Then, we are off to celebrate Halloween in New Orleans, LA and check out the housing recovery in the Big Easy. 

Thank you as always for visiting  Click the comment box below to weigh in on your favorite Halloween Cake.   Tommi Crow’s favorite is the one above.  Too Cool!!

I would probably eat this one.  Funny, but not too nasty and I love cake.

Now that is pretty knarly, but that dark chocolate looks good.

Which one is your favorite???  Click the comment box and tell us.  If you have a cake you want to brag about, email a photo to