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10 Strategies for a Successful Open House

Thursday, April 8, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

Open House Strategies for Success 

  1. Set the Stage.  Mow, clean, store and pack.  Open the windows and pull back the drapes.  Turn on the lights and light a few candles. 
  2. Consider taking your pet to a neighbor or pet sitter during your Open House.
  3. Use a sign-in notebook to record contact information and invite comments and feedback.
  4. Ask a mortgage company to assist you in holding an open house.  Many local companies provide an on-site lending officer to assist buyers in calculating payments and exploring financing options.
  5. Consider calling your local title company to see if they offer assistance to sellers holding open houses.  Most of these companies offer a variety of free, helpful assistance, often including food, signage, advertising, etc…
  6. It is best to keep your Open House an adult only event.  Consider arranging for your children to be away during your Open House.
  7. Don’t crowd the attendee’s or become their tour guide.  Greet each visitor at the door and be available to answer any questions they might have, but stay in the background.  Encourage the buyers to tour on their own and at their own pace.  Make every effort to insure that each person is at ease.  Allow them the privacy and time they need to discover all features of your home that interest them.  
  8. Place small items, such as jewelry and medications, in a safe place during your Open House.  Theft and stealing are very rare, but do occur occasionally in some areas.  Safekeeping a few items will give you peace of mind and will assist you in your effort to Stage and Show your home.
  9. Be prepared for comments that you may not appreciate and try to not go on the defensive.  You are selling, but remember buyers are buying.  Remain composed when hurtful comments are made about your décor, price, neighbors, floorplan or location.  Bite your tongue, smile, remain professional and courteous.  Showing your own home is a most difficult task.  To do it successfully, it is necessary to remain objective and most of us are not, especially about our home.  Be polite and helpful to the buyer at all costs, no matter how hard.
  10. Smile, relax and enjoy meeting new people.  Your Open House is your time to stand in the spot light, so greet your visitors as you would like to be greeted. 

In conclusion, remember that holding an Open House is not mandatory for selling a home.  It is a valuable marketing tool because it allows home shoppers easy access to your home.    They are also very cost effective in terms of exposure, if you get the buyers to attend.   On the other hand, you may not want the public touring your home or open houses may not be popular in your area.  The decision to host or not is up to you… 

Thank you for visiting homes for sale and rent website.  National Open House Weekend is this Saturday and Sunday.  Buyers will be looking for Royal Blue balloons flying at Open Houses held by Realtors.  Make the most of this opportunity and make sure blue balloons are flying at your house, too.   Best of luck and let us know how you did!