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I’m thinking Turkey.  The leaves have fallen, lawn mowers are stored and furnaces are in use.   It’s at this time of year that many of our customer’s ask…  “Should We Take Our Home Off the Market During the Holidays?”

The answer is definitely “NO”.  There are a lot of reasons to keep your home listed right through the New Year.  And, there’s a special timely reason this holiday season!!

  1. The First Time Buyers Tax Credit has been extended until April 30, 2010 AND it’s been expanded.  Step Up Home Buyers, who make a lot of money, can also receive $6500 in Tax Credits until April.   Big tax incentives mean that smart buyers will be house shopping vs mall shopping this holiday season.  
  2. Interest Rates are at Record Lows.  30 year fixed rate mortgages are below 5 percent.  But, with the dollar weak and falling, low rates may not be around for long.   Serious home buyers are aware of the difference that even a small interest rate increase would make in their house payment.  The combo of Tax Credits and Low Interest Rates create strong urgency among buyer’s.  Smart seller’s spruce up their homes and play into the pressure.
  3. Holiday Shoppers are Serious Buyers.  Trust me.  Everyone of us loves the holidays.  So, the people who are out looking for homes in November, December and January are SERIOUS Buyers.  Do you really want to pull your house off the market when the most serious people are shopping??  Think about it and gear up!!
  4. Less Competition.  Many sellers don’t read our blog.  They foolishly pull their homes from the market during the holidays, and this year will be no exception.  Less competition and MLS exposure could make the difference between For Sale and Sold, this Christmas. 
  5. Houses are Pretty during the Holidays.  Staging your home is easy during the holidays.  The mood is festive.  Holiday colors are warm and inviting.  Candles, centerpieces and decorations touch the heart and convey a peaceful lifestyle.  Light the candles, make a roaring fire, bake some goodies and turn on some relaxing holiday music.  Buyer’s love to see a home decorated and looking special.  Don’t let this once a year opportunity pass you by.
  6. Curb Appeal.  If your landscape and lawn isn’t that great, breathe a sigh of relief that no one else’s is this time of year, either.   Add seasonal color, a wreath, perhaps some decorations.  Just keep it subtle and classy.  No mowing, no weeding and trimming, and best of all snow covers all…

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Reach Millions of Home Shoppers in One Easy Step

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

Selling real estate is a lot like fishing.  It is a number’s game.  More lines in the water mean more bites.  More bites mean that you greatly increase your odds of landing the big one, in record time. 

One option for increasing the odds of selling your home is to maximize the internet.   95 percent of all home buyers search for property on the web, so it is crucial to have as many lines (or links) as you can possibly have. 

One way to reach 8 million home shoppers each month is with a turbo charged internet marketing package, like one offered by Why 6 Percent.   The Y6 listing package advertises your property until it is SOLD, on the most popular, heavily trafficked sites for real estate on the world wide web.

For only $299, the WHY 6 Listing Package includes:

  1. A listing on, the most visited real estate website in the world.   Also included, Y6 will upgrade your listing on with 25 photo’s, remarks and attention-grabbing scrolling text.
  2. A listing on, another great website for real estate, drawing millions of home shoppers each month.
  3. A Featured Home listing on, one of the top “by owner” sites in the country.  Listing includes 20 photo slideshow, video tours, free legal forms, free color brochures, map based searches and more.  Listings placed on InfoTube are automatically uploaded to Google, Youtube and other sites that accept by owner listings.
  4. A Personal Web Address to use in all your print advertising.
  5. Phone Hotline provides your contact information to home buyers 24/7.
  6. Podcast- Add one to your webpage for even greater exposure.
  7. All listings remain Active until your home is SOLD.
  8. Low one-time fee of $299 for the entire package.

For more information, call 1-800-381-9496 from 9-5 EST, Monday – Friday, or email to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.  

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Find Hidden Real Estate Prices

Thursday, November 13, 2008 posted by Tommi Crow

Although the logic escapes me, many Realtors do not provide sales prices, when advertising homes for sale.    They operate on the old, tired business practice of printing teaser ad’s or brochures, that force customers to call or email a sales person.  This annoying “game” is a disservice to buyer and seller, alike.  But, many agent’s still hide basic property information, attempting to latch onto an unwitting customer they can flip into some type of sale.

The new Google Base website for home listings circumvents this questionable and irritating practice, by revealing the hidden sales prices for listed homes. 

Tip for Buyers:  If you are house hunting and resent the phone tag game, go to Google Base to find the hidden asking prices.  Refuse to track down any sales agent to get basic information.  Unfortunately, for the innocent home seller, I always eliminate properties from my candidate list, when I discover the listing agent is a game player.  I simply move on to the next listing that is represented by someone who values my time and intellegence.  Life is too short to put up with a listing agent who plays hide and seek with the home seller’s information.

Tip for Sellers:  If your home is listed with an agent, have them acknowlege in writing, that they will provide easy access to all information about your home, including the price.  Make sure they use an InfoTube or InfoBox to ensure that home information is readily available to drive by traffic.  Seller’s, you don’t profit from missed buyer inquiries, nor do you benefit from an agent flipping potential buyers to other listings. A good agent will give your home as much exposure, to as many people as possible. And, they will utilize all means, low and high tech, to provide instant information when the customer wants it…even while they are sitting in front of your home.

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