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7 Secrets to Selling Your Home Now

Thursday, April 21, 2011 posted by Tommi Crow

In today’s’ super-competitive housing market, it is essential that homebuyers picture themselves living inside the home you are trying to sell.    

7 Secrets to Selling Your Home Now

  • For starters, take down the Wallpaper – Trust me when I say, “Buyers just do not like wallpaper.”   If you doubt how personal wallpaper is…just walk into any wallpaper store and stare at the thousands of available patterns.  Chances of your tastes matching are at least a thousand to one.  Don’t risk it!  Pull that paper down!
  • The Clutter HAS to Go!  Living in a house is alot different than Selling a house.  It is easy to get blind to your own clutter.  Ask a friend, neighbor or neutral party to be honest with you.  Then, pack away every single thing you don’t use.  And, clear the kitchen counters completely.
  • Smelly Homes Will NOT Sell.  Agents have an old saying, “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it.”  Pet smells, musty odor’s, etc will kill a sale everytime.
  • White is not a Color.  But, paint is your friend.  Every room should have a fresh coat of paint in a warm, neutral color.
  • A Spot of Color.  Everyone loves flowers.  Place pots with colorful annual flowers by the front door or plant seasonal color in the beds to make your home inviting and memorable.
  • Househunting Begins on the Internet.  If your property is not exposed on the internet, your chances of a buyer finding you are very small.  Tip the odds in your favor by advertising your home on the MLS and all the major search engines for real estate.  InfoTube also offers FREE property listings on its website.   Also, make sure your listing includes at least 10 good photo’s of the interior and exterior of your home.  If possible, also include a video tour of the house and neighborhood.
  • Forget About Comp’s and Sold Properties.  Study your competition, which means homes currently For Sale.  If your home is priced too high when compared to your competition, it is going to sit for a long, long time.

Homeowners should please keep in mind that Buyers have a lot of choices.  The homeowner who can make their house stand out among the vast inventory of “For Sale” signs will the one who wins the selling game.

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If you have a condo, ranch, one level bungalow or a home with the master on the main level that you need to sell, this may be your lucky year.  The baby boomers (those 77 million people that were born between 1945 and 1964) are back in the housing market in a big way..and they often pay cash.

The aging boomers have finally worked up the courage to sell the family house, depreciated as it is, and roll the home equity into their last ever home purchase.   Ironically, the catalyst for this trend has nothing to do with real estate.   The motivation is age, quality of life and the stock market.  The stock market is back, bringing with it the net worth of the boomer generation, who controls 80 percent of the financial assets in the United States. 

If you own a one level, low maintenance home…you are already sitting in tall cotton…but you can do some simple things to sweeten the pot even more…if you know what to emphasize and what needs to be done.

Capitalize on the needs of the 65+ year olds, who are looking for place that they can grow old in.  They are naturally drawn to homes that are easy and safe to live in, even if managing stairs and home maintenance is hard to do.

  • Replace door knobs with levered handles.
  • Replace knob-type plumbing fixtures and cabinet pulls with levers or open handles.
  • Today’s house only needs one bathtub.  Offer at least one,  barrier free shower on the main floor, even if means taking out a bathtub.
  • Put a laundry room on the main floor, even if you have to eliminate a closet or half-bath to do so.
  • Consider making entryway staircases longer and more gentle.  Create an option to add a wheelchair ramp to one side, if needed.
  • Consider adding grab bars in glass enclosures or  if your bathroom has wide open space.
  • Replace carpeting with tile, hardwoods or laminate flooring for easier maintenance, durability and a smoother surface.
  • Provide ample indoor lighting and don’t forget the outdoor security lights.
  • Provide outdoor handrails on stairs, inclines or wherever necessary

Marketing Insight:  Most home improvements, suggested above, offer easy living appeal for all ages.  Just because your house is senior friendly doesn’t lessen the appeal to everyone else, but always be tactful.  Design two InfoSheets for Buyers.  Offer one in a standard format and create another that highlights senior-ready amenities. believes that 2011 will be a better year for home sellers, if they know how to reach and appeal to today’s buyer.  Visit our website for tips, insights and a FREE home listing!  What do you have to lose?  Did we mention we also offer a low, flat fee MLS listing package for home owners???

Winter Home Sales Tips

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 posted by Tommi Crow

   Seller’s often wonder if they should take their home off the market during winter.   My answer is usually “NO”.   Seller’s expend a lot of money and effort to get a home ready for sale and it does no good if the property isn’t on the market.   And, while there are fewer buyer’s during winter, there are also fewer homes for sale.  

But, if you’re still debating…consider the following:

  • Winter, spring, summer or fall…if you’re priced above the rest of the market, your home will help sell the well priced listings, but not yours.
  • There is less competition from competing homes during winter and less inventory benefits sellers’.
  • Buyer’s who are househunting during winter are serious and truly motivated.
  • Interest rates trend lower during winter months, when loan demand is low.
  • Gardens and landscape don’t look as appealing in winter.   If your home won’t exactly win “yard of the month” during summer…a snowy winter may actually level the playing field for you.
  • Don’t believe that if you pull your home off the market during winter, you can bring it back in the spring as a new listing.   No one is fooled by this trick.  Your listing will still appear as canceled and relisted in the MLS.
  • If it’s not on the market, the right buyer may come and go.

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Top 10 Cities for Property Searches

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 posted by Tommi Crow

From…the Top 10 Cities for Real Estate related searches are:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun  
1 Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas  
2 Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles  
3 Orlando Orlando San Antonio San Antonio Orlando San Antonio  
4 San Antonio San Antonio Orlando Orlando San Antonio Orlando  
5 Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Miami Miami  
6 Miami Miami Miami Paradise Valley Phoenix San Diego  
7 San Diego San Diego Chicago Miami San Diego Phoenix  
8 Tampa Tampa San Diego San Diego Austin Austin  
9 Chicago Chicago Tampa Chicago Chicago Fort Worth  
10 Fort Worth Fort Worth Fort Worth Fort Worth Beverly Hills Chicago

In 2010, was the #1 search site for homes, multi family and land.  If you are selling property, you need to be present on can assist you in placing your property listing on for only $299…even better…your listing will stay active until you SELL or Cancel!!!   Click Here for More Details!!!

    While Wall Street wrings its hands and pulls its hair over the banking problems and foreclosure moratorium, home seller’s and home builder’s have a BIG reason to celebrate.  Their competition dropped the ball!!!

The moratorium on foreclosures effectively removes ONE THIRD of all the homes For Sale from the market!!   33 Percent of the competition is GONE!!!   For how long, we don’t know…but, we do know that this is a RARE opportunity and all property seller’s should take full advantage of it.

What can home seller’s and builder”s do to take advantage of the Bank Error?

  • Realize that Time is of the Essense!  The banks will work hard and fast to get their inventory back on the market.  And, when they do, they will no doubt offer special incentives that individual seller’s can not compete against.  The clock is ticking…….
  • Price Right and Show Well!   If your home is priced right against its remaining competition, and it is staged, depersonalized and shows well, Your House Will Sell.
  • Marketing to the Masses is Key!    The MLS sells over 90% of all the homes in the United States.   If your home is not on the MLS, your chances of selling are less than 10%.   If money is tight, know that you don’t have to pay 6% for an MLS listing.  You can purchase an MLS listing for your Home for only $399.

                                                              believes that “a bank moratorium on foreclosure competition” is a very unique opportunity and the window is open for a short period of time, only.   We are here to help you . “The clock is ticking”.  Don’t let this unbelievable opportunity pass you by!! 


Price Your Home to Sell

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

Without the Federal Tax Credit in play, today’s home buyer’s are finding little motivation to sign on the dotted line.  Mortgage rates have remained low for a long time.  Inventory is creeping back up, so buyer’s have little fear of price inflation.   So, what can a seller do to increase a buyer’s urgency to buy?  

The #1 way that seller’s can entice buyer’s and get their attention is  an aggressive price reduction.   As many as 24 percent of home sellers have slashed prices in the last month–that is a 9 percent increase from June levels.   And, seller’s should forget about small, nickle and dime price drops.   Instead, they should dramatically drop their price  to reach a search level that will open them up to new buyers that are not aware of their listing.  For example, if your list price is $220,000, a drop to $199,000 will attract a new audience that is searching up to the $200,000 price point.  

Bottom Line:  If you are sick of waiting and want to move now, price the house to attract multiple bidders and you might even get more than you’re asking for.  And remember…if you are selling your home to buy a new one, you will likely break even because the person you are buying from is in the same gut wrenching position you are.

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If you are selling real estate in the United States, you need to familiarize yourself with The Federal Fair Housing Act.   According to the Federal Fair Housing Act, you cannot discriminate against someone when selling a home.

The act defines seven different classes that are protected against discrimination, these include: 



National origin




Familial status 

(You may notice that Age is not a protected class, in and of itself.  Sellers of property that are zoned 55+, adult only, etc. can discriminate on the basis of age, if it violates deed restrictions, zoning or restrictive convenants.

Attention Home Sellers:   You put yourself at serious risk of violating this act, if you refuse to sell or show your home to an interested buyer.  Remember that ignorance of the law is not a viable excuse or defense.  You will be held legally liable, even if you accidentally violate these laws without realizing it.

Review the following list of words that cannot be included in advertisements of your home, because they are in violation of the Fair Housing Laws.  

Bachelor apartment

Children welcome


Gentlemans Farm

Golden Agers





Mother-in-Law quarters


Section 8


Singles only


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What Fickle Homebuyers Want…Today!

Thursday, May 27, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

Homebuyers are a very fickle bunch.  Home features and ammenities that were once “expected” have now become yesterday’s news.   So, what is it that makes today’s homebuyer salivate???   Some of the answers may surprise you, as buyers return to their roots…

Click Here to See the List of What is In…and What is Out!

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UP the Odds of Selling Your Home this Spring

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow


Every single home seller can Up the Odds of Selling their home this season.  And, best of all…we aren’t recommending  lowering your price….

To learn how successful seller’s got the job done this spring…CLICK HERE….for details with Before and After Photo’s.

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Let’s face it, not all plants can stand up to dogs, bouncing balls, kids and all around foot traffic. But there are some plants made for the feet-whether two or four.

These creeping perennials are very low growing ground covers that, when stepped on, bounce right back, and they come in a wide variety of color. Some favorites include blue star creeper, stonecrop and creeping wire vine. Miniature rush resembles grass but holds up to foot traffic. The choices are endless.

Before you rush out to buy your creeping perennials, you need to make an assessment of where you’ll plant them. For sunny locations, select something like thyme or stonecrop. If the soil is wet, choose plants like viola and Lysimachia. And also, how much foot traffic will the plants really get? The rule of thumb is this: The more delicate the leaf structure, the less traffic they’ll be able to withstand.

If your pathway is stone, soften the look of the edges by choosing plants that will give it some old world charm and make it look like it has been there forever. If the area is in full sun and drains well, Potentilla, an aggressive speader, will fill in the cracks quickly.

Space between stepping stones and pavers will vary on type of path. Plant a full plant in wider spaces for faster “fill-in”. In small spaces, use a utility knife to cut your plant into quarters. If the space is very tight, try slicing long slender pieces to tuck in. If your existing path needs more space, chisel out some of the original path to creat more of a gap for your plants.

A good place to visit these plants that are “Good For Your Sole” is

The true test comes with help from the dog. If the plants can  withstand him, they can withstand anything.

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Tip for Spring Home Sales:   Boost your curb appeal and you will boost your bottom line. 

10 Strategies for a Successful Open House

Thursday, April 8, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

Open House Strategies for Success 

  1. Set the Stage.  Mow, clean, store and pack.  Open the windows and pull back the drapes.  Turn on the lights and light a few candles. 
  2. Consider taking your pet to a neighbor or pet sitter during your Open House.
  3. Use a sign-in notebook to record contact information and invite comments and feedback.
  4. Ask a mortgage company to assist you in holding an open house.  Many local companies provide an on-site lending officer to assist buyers in calculating payments and exploring financing options.
  5. Consider calling your local title company to see if they offer assistance to sellers holding open houses.  Most of these companies offer a variety of free, helpful assistance, often including food, signage, advertising, etc…
  6. It is best to keep your Open House an adult only event.  Consider arranging for your children to be away during your Open House.
  7. Don’t crowd the attendee’s or become their tour guide.  Greet each visitor at the door and be available to answer any questions they might have, but stay in the background.  Encourage the buyers to tour on their own and at their own pace.  Make every effort to insure that each person is at ease.  Allow them the privacy and time they need to discover all features of your home that interest them.  
  8. Place small items, such as jewelry and medications, in a safe place during your Open House.  Theft and stealing are very rare, but do occur occasionally in some areas.  Safekeeping a few items will give you peace of mind and will assist you in your effort to Stage and Show your home.
  9. Be prepared for comments that you may not appreciate and try to not go on the defensive.  You are selling, but remember buyers are buying.  Remain composed when hurtful comments are made about your décor, price, neighbors, floorplan or location.  Bite your tongue, smile, remain professional and courteous.  Showing your own home is a most difficult task.  To do it successfully, it is necessary to remain objective and most of us are not, especially about our home.  Be polite and helpful to the buyer at all costs, no matter how hard.
  10. Smile, relax and enjoy meeting new people.  Your Open House is your time to stand in the spot light, so greet your visitors as you would like to be greeted. 

In conclusion, remember that holding an Open House is not mandatory for selling a home.  It is a valuable marketing tool because it allows home shoppers easy access to your home.    They are also very cost effective in terms of exposure, if you get the buyers to attend.   On the other hand, you may not want the public touring your home or open houses may not be popular in your area.  The decision to host or not is up to you… 

Thank you for visiting homes for sale and rent website.  National Open House Weekend is this Saturday and Sunday.  Buyers will be looking for Royal Blue balloons flying at Open Houses held by Realtors.  Make the most of this opportunity and make sure blue balloons are flying at your house, too.   Best of luck and let us know how you did! 

Tips for Holding a Successful Open House

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

For Sale Signs are popping up like tulips and National Open House Weekend is This Saturday and Sunday.  

Every home seller should take advantage of the tremendous amount of buyer traffic that will be on the street this weekend.  The Realtors Association is doing the advertising for you.   Don’t pass up the opportunity to show off your  home, too!!

What Time Should You Hold Your Home Open?

  • Open your home to the public for 3 hours, both Saturday and Sunday.   On Sunday, don’t start before 1:00.

Idea’s for Advertising and Marketing Your Open House. 

  • Place an ad in your Newspaper Classified real estate section.  Check to see if your local paper has a special Open House section, many do.  You should run your ad the morning of the Open House and if budget allows, run your ad a few days in advance of the Open House.
  • Edit your InfoTube ad and include the date and time of your Open House on your free internet ad.  Be sure to remove the dates from your ad, once the event has past.
  • After editing your ad to include your Open House date, Print new brochures with the date and time, then refill your InfoTube.   (Tip:  Make sure you print plenty of brochures to hand out at your Open House.)
  • Open House Directional Signs.  Nothing boosts attendance as much as directional signs placed at all key intersections and the routes traveled to reach your home.  You can purchase directional Arrow and Open House signs at most major home centers.  Please collect all signs after your Open House to avoid possible citations.  Many towns consider left over signs as “littering”, after the event has passed.
  • Attract more attention.  Purchase an Open House sign for a few dollars at your local hardware store.  Tie brightly colored balloons to the sign the day of the event.
  • Post your Open House on  Place a post on Craigslist.  Send out an email.  Use the internet to gain as much attention as possible.

Tomorrow we will address Setting the Stage for the perfect Open House.   Topics will include setting the scene, staging, how to give a tour, how to work with buyers and much more….so please check back in with us!

Thank you for visiting  Get outside after work today and start sprucing up that front yard.  Nothing  draws buyers like great curb appeal.

NEWS ALERT…Realtors across the U.S. are organizing a National Open House Weekend on
April 10-11.
Home sellers should definitely take advantage of the national advertising, buyer traffic and momentum that will accompany this nationwide event. homes for sale and rent website will be offering Tips for a Successful Open House all Week.   Subscribe to our Blog or Keep Checking in for Updates.

Snooping Real Estate Agent Caught on Camera

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

ATLANTA — When real estate agents representing buyers show your home, should they be allowed to examine private or confidential papers? How would you react if you caught them doing just that?

 Channel 2’s Tom Regan talked with one home seller who was shocked by what he caught on camera in his home. David Scitthelm owned a beautiful home in Buckhead. He was proud to put it up for sale, but he wasn’t pleased with the conduct of the two real estate agents who arrived to show the house. 

To Learn More or Watch the Short Video, CLICK HERE

Commentary:  ALWAYS advises that home sellers  hide or pack away anything that is private or could be used against them in a negotiation.   And, private mail and legal notice issues aside…did you see how this agent hunted for books, stereo equipment, family photographs, collections, etc. to gain personal knowledge about the sellers?   Hopefully this story plainly illustrates to homesellers the importance of packing up all personal items BEFORE they put their home on the market.  Added Bonus:  A staged home always shows better and appeals to a wider audience, too.  

P.S.  And, don’t forget your medicine cabinet (:

Cheap Fast Update for Bathroom Mirror

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 posted by Tommi Crow

If you have one large mirror over your bathroom sink or vanity and you would like an updated fresh look…we have an easy, do-it-yourself trick that won’t cost you an arm and leg.



1.  Measure your mirror, then purchase a molding you like at the hardware store.  Some stores will even cut it for you.

2.  Stain the molding to match the woodwork in your bathroom.

3.  Apply glue to molding, then stick it to the mirror. 

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