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According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 32 percent (1/3 of all buyers) of home buyers first saw the home they purchased on the internet.   Buyer’s who found their home through a real estate agent dropped 14 percentage points to 34 percent, during the same time period.

Despite the slowdown in the housing market, buyers and sellers have increased their use of the internet when buying or selling a home.  “The internet is a very important tool in today’s real estate market”, said Tommi Crow, CEO of Crow Erickson, Inc., the company that manufactures the InfoTubes and InfoBoxes found on real estate signs from coast-to-coast.  “Home sellers know that they can use the power of the internet to reach millions of home shoppers as effectively as a real estate agent would”, said Crow, and, they can save themselves thousands of dollars in the process”, said Ms Crow.  “Americans are successfully buying and selling real estate without using agents, and that trend continues to grow”.

Home seller’s who want to maximize their online exposure use, combined with the services of Why 6 Percent.  The combination of the two marketing programs provide home seller’s with a home listing on their local MLS,, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Infotube, Homes for Sale Live and other major web portals, which attract millions of home buyers each month.

Where a Home Buyer Found the Home Purchased*

2001 vs. 2008



  2001    2008
Real Estate Agent   48%    34%
Internet     8%    32%
Yard Sign    15%    15%
Friend, Relative or Neighbor     8%     7%
Home Builder or their Agent     3%     7%
Print Newspaper Ad     7%     3%
Directly from Sellers / Knew the Sellers     4%     2%
Home Book or Magazine     2%     1%
Other     3%    N/A

* Source: National Association of Realtors

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InfoTube homes for sale
InfoTube homes for sale




Asheville, NC – August 22, 2008-  A study, conducted by the well respected Consumer Reports publication, found that home sellers who used a real estate agent made less money than sellers who sold by owner.   The report also found that nearly all of the people who sold ‘by owner’ received near their original asking price


“This is great news for people who need to sell their home”, said Tommi Crow, President of Crow Erickson, Inc and   “Consumer Reports published a well researched and unbiased article that clearly finds home sellers are financially better off selling their home without an agent.”  Real estate commissions take a huge bite out of the money sellers receive at closing.   For example, a typical real estate commission would erase about $18,000 of equity on a $300,000 home.


The September 2008 Consumer Report findings are similar to the results from studies conducted by Stanford and Northwestern Universities.   All three studies concluded that “for sale by owner” (fsbo) sellers made more money than sellers who used an agent.


“The release of this study is very timely news for some, and life changing news for others,” said Crow. recently reported that nearly 30 percent of the people who purchased a home in the last 60 months, now owe more money on their home than it is valued at.    Furthermore, Zillow found that 45-60 percent of buyers, who purchased in 2006, are upside down.” 


“For fortunate homeowners that have a lot of equity, the possibility of keeping more money from their home sale is great news.  For the unfortunate, who have little or no equity in their homes, the report offers real hope in knowing they can clearly sell their property for a realistic asking price, without paying commissions they can not afford,” added Crow, also a real estate broker for over 20 years.


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