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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 posted by Tommi Crow

Crow Erickson—a small, woman-owned company—is a quintessential American success story.  INFOTUBE® literature boxes were invented 23 years ago in my garage in Dallas, TX, to provide Realtors®, builders and homeowners with an affordable way to sell their homes.  

INFOTUBE® was an immediate success and quickly made its way into every major retail home improvement store across the country, where they have been sold for more than 20 years by retail giants like Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Over the years, our company has provided meaningful, competitively paid work for hundreds of disabled and handicapped Americans.

Today, our patented INFOTUBE® and INFOBOX® literature dispensers are used by millions of home sellers, Realtors® and home builders every day. You can find them in neighborhoods across America, very likely even your own.  

Recently, our largest distributor, The Hillman Group, without notice, replaced our patented products with Chinese replicas.  Their decision effectively puts our company out of business and, ironically, provides no cost savings for the consumer


1.  Please copy and paste the following  letter or write your own: 

I am writing to request that your company take a stand to protect American jobs by continuing to carry successful American-made products, specifically INFOTUBE® and INFOBOX®. 

“Made in America” matters to me and so does supporting our U.S. economy. I do not support companies who outsource American jobs to China. 

Please continue to support all Americans including the American companies whose products you currently carry on your shelves. 


(your name)

2.  Email it to the decision makers at Lowe’s, Home Depot and the Hillman Group.  

Drew Strole (Lowe’s) 

Bill Boltz (Home Depot) 

Dan Smercina (Hillman)      

3. Please forward this letter to everyone in your contact circle.

4. For an up to the minute update on the status of this situation and the response of the retail giants, watch our blog, follow us on Twitter @Infotubes or Like our Facebook Page “InfoTube for Real Estate”.

Your voice and your time matter.  Thank you for helping us in our fight save our company, American products and American jobs.  Together we can make a difference!

Tommi Crow, President
Crow Erickson, Inc.