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The Show me videos are created to walk you through a specific feature of the website. It will enable you to watch how the process is performed and refer back to it from time to time. It is a professional tutor available to you anytime you need a little bit of help!
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I sold my home. How do I cancel my ad?
Congratulations! Simply login to your desktop and click on the "marked as SOLD".
What is interactive map searching?
Location, Location, Location. Interactive map searching takes traditional form-based home searching to a new level. Our GPS technology supports better home buying decisions by giving you the ability to fly from space to street-level views, as you explore locations. Use this exciting visual tool to browse listings, locate properties, gather detailed home, neighborhood and school information with the click of a button.

What are differences between the long and short brochure?
The Long Brochure prints on 2 pages. It showcases your main photo (#1), all fields and information that you completed when creating your ad. Bonus for Featured Home Adís, a thumbprint of all your photos will print out on the bottom of the Long brochure.

The Short Brochure prints on 1 page. It showcases your main photo (#1) and provides all pertinent information about your property. The Short version will print all labeled fields, such as Price, Address, Bedrooms, etc., in addition to your short description, long description and Open House Message.
What is My Desktop?
Your desktop controls all information about your ad and can only be accessed by entering your user name and password. The Desktop tool allows you to Edit your ad, Manage Photoís, see how many people have viewed your ad, change property status to inactive, sold or contract pending, and upgrade your Free ad to a Featured Home Ad, with or without tech support. Logging into your desktop also automatically extends your ad for another 45 days.
What is my personal web page address used for?
Your unique web page address is a marketing tool that links buyers directly to your ad on Use this address in your internet, classified and print advertising to save money, while providing photoís and detailed information to buyers. Write your web address on your real estate sign, in case your InfoTube is empty.
What type of technical assistance will I receive in placing my ad?
If you have the featured ad with technical support, we will assist you with the following:
1. Placing your property information on the internet.
2. Placing up to 20 photos of your home with your ad.
3. Adding titles and descriptions for each of your photos
4. Walk you through all your Desktop features and tools.
5. Assist you in setting up a Free e-mail account, if you donít have one.
6. We will forward buyer inquiries by phone, if you do not have an e-mail address.
7. You can contact tech support via U.S. mail, email or dedicated telephone lines.
8. Our tech support makes no computer required a reality.
What is your contact information for e-mail or phone support?
Email tech support questions or problems using our support form.
Telephone tech support and 24 hour voice mail service number is 828-681-1845.
How can I submit my photos to you?
Option 1: E-mail your photos for faster service.

1. To send up to 20 photos via email, your pictures should be saved as an attachment in a .jpg file format.
2. The name of your pictures must include a number (1-20), indicating the order in which you want them to appear on your slideshow. (Note: If you do not number your photos, we will place the front exterior photo in position 1. Photos 2-20 will be placed in order at our discretion.).
3. You can always change your photos or the position your photos appear, at any time by using the Manage Photos option in your Desktop.

Option 2: Instructions for Mailing a CD or prints of your photos:

1. Be sure to include your Ad # and contact information.
2. If submitting actual pictures, number the back of each picture (1-20), in the order you wish them to appear in your slideshow. Also, write any title or description you wish to add on the back of the picture.
3. Note: Pictures and CDís will not be returned to you, unless you enclose a postage paid, self addressed envelope at the time you send us your pictures or CD.
4. Note: Pictures can not be uploaded until your account and ad have been created.
5. Mailing all Pictures or CDís to:
Crow Erickson, Inc
Attn: Photo Support
1854A Hendersonville Rd #221
Asheville, NC 28803

How do I provide you with the details about my property?
1. Download the Ad template form from the website.
2. Complete all required fields indicated by an ** asterisk.
3. Provide any details you wish to include about your home in the appropriate space provided on the form.
4. If you do not have an e-mail account, use and we will phone you with any e-mail buyer inquiries.
5. Your completed form may be returned by e-mail to
6. Or by fax to 828-651-8531.
7. Or by Mail to:
Crow Erickson, Inc.
1854A Hendersonville Rd #221
Asheville, NC 28803

Note: We do not edit the home information you provide to us. Your ad will reflect only the information you provide on our written form, exactly the way you provide it. Any changes you wish to make at a later date can be done through the Edit tool on your Desktop. We will edit your ad for you one time only, and only if changes are submitted in writing.
What is your privacy policy?
Your privacy is very important to us. Review the complete policy here.
Can I find out how many people have viewed my ad?
Yes, the count of how many times your ad has been viewed is shown in the 'My Desktop' section. Login to your desktop and look under the heading '# of Times Your Ad has been Viewed' for the count. Although it there is no ability to know who is viewing your ad, this will give you a sense of the activity of your online ad.
Can I reset the ad view counter?
Yes. From your desktop, under 'Options', select the link 'Reset Ad Views to '0''. This will reset your ad counter to zero and begin logging hits to your detail ad from now forward. You may rest the counter as much or as little as you like, however, upon resetting, all history is lost and the counter cannot be recreated.
How do I change my email address for my ad?
Log onto, go to desktop, enter your user name and password. This will bring up your ad # along with a list of options, choose "edit ad" and from there you can make as many changes as you need to. Don't forget to save your changes.
I cannot view the photos on my ad, why?
Usually, all of your photos are showing on the site. You may have difficulty seeing them for one of two reasons. Sometimes the page is cached in memory and it may display the older page from your computer system. You can try to clear your cache to see if that helps. More likely is that pictures can be blocked due to their size - or they may be considered to be ads, especially if you are using Norton Internet Security or Zone Alarm. Check the size settings and the ad blocking settings and make some adjustments and most likely your ads will show (see the support section of the products website for information on adjusting the settings).
I have pertinent info listed under place to describe yard and landscaping - why is this not printing on the short form?
Due to limited space on the short brochure, the Yard & Landscaping section is only included in the long brochure. Any extra information you want included on the short brochure can be placed in the short or long (additional information) descriptions.
We wish to add discount or allowance info that would only show up on long form or web page. Is there a way to enter info in the additional section by bracketing or ? that would keep it off the short form?
The long brochure will show all of the fields that are filled out, while the short brochure will show the labeled fields (price, address, bedrooms, etc...) as well as the short description, long description, and the open house message. Currently, the only way to accomplish what you are looking to do is to include the information in another field that does not appear on the short brochure. One example is the yard description. You could finish the yard description and put in a couple of blank spaces and then enter your description. Alternatively, we suggest you put "Contact Us for Special Allowances" (as an example) in your short description. This will more likely generate more calls and emails and give you an opportunity to talk to self qualified buyers.
I tried sending a test "e-mail seller" through my site and it did not go through, why?
Your email is not correctly setup in your ad. Please login to your desktop ( and edit your ad. There is a field for your email address. Please check that entry and make any necessary corrections and save the ad. Once this is complete, you will begin receiving emails from the site.
I wanted to edit my ad to remove the phrase "Seller is offering a commission to buyer's agent completing the transaction. How can i do that?
To remove the statement in your ad regarding the Buyer Agent Commission, you simply need to not offer any commission by setting the option "Willing to pay buyers agent" to 0% when you edit your ad and then the statement automatically disappears from the ad.
The photo on my ad and flyer is shown as cut in half horizontally. How can I fix this?
This sometimes happens when the photo you load is much larger than normal. We first suggest simply reloading the photo again as this often fixes the problem. If not, we recommend you resizing the photo (still maintaining the 4x3 ratio, example: 800x600 at 72 dpi).
May as is not displaying on the website. What happened and how can I fix this?
We have a 45 day freshness policy and your ad has expired. To keep your ad active, just go into your ad from the desktop portion of the site ( and edit your ad, check the information is current and save your ad. We suggest you do this once a month. You will also receive a friendly email reminding you to update your ad as well.
I am not receiving any email from you or my ad. How can I fix this?
This often happens because your email address is incorrectly typed in. Please login to the desktop portion of the site ( and edit your ad to check the spelling of your email address and make any corrections as this will often fix the issue. Otherwise. make sure you accept mail from our domain Most of our automated mailings come from the address Some spam filtering systems send back a notification that requires that a link be clicked to continue sending the email. Our system does not continue the processing of these messages.
How can you edit an existing ad?
To edit your ad:
1. Logon to your desktop at:
2. Click "edit ad" from the options list
3. Make your changes and Save Your Ad
Can I change the create date on my ad?
You cannot change this date
Can I change my username?
You cannot change your username.

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