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  Home Ad Packages - add more value to your online ad!  

After you create your ad, you will have the option making your home a Featured Home on for as little as $9.95. There are a variety of benefits you receive including:

Featured with Tech Support
Ad Feature
all prices are a one-time charge
Main photo of your home
Your property address is enhanced with interactive map searching via Global Positioned Satellite (GPS), featuring aerial views, topography map, school locator and more. 
Printable, color brochure in Long or Short formats.  
Free Legal Forms and Contracts  
Your Own Personal Desktop
Buyer to Seller E-mail links 
Automatic mapping and driving directions to your property.
Your ad stays active until your property is Sold.  
You receive your own personal web page address ( for use in classified ad’s and other marketing material.  
Featured Ads will appear in the Top Position in all home searches. 
Add titles and special descriptions for all 20 photos. 
Featured Home banner to make your Ad stand out. 
Printable color brochures with your main photo and thumbnails of all your photos.
Featured ads will appear on the InfoTube home page. 
Featured home icons are animated to bring more attention to your ad. 
Upgrade to tech support for only $10.00 with the purchase of a Featured Home Ad. 
We assist you in placing your Featured Home Ad on the internet.

We will place up to 20 photos on your Ad.

We will assist you in adding titles and descriptions to each of your photos.    
We provide you with email and telephone tech support.    

We assist you in setting up your account and accessing your Desktop control panel.

Option to Mail, Fax or E-mail your property information.    
Option to Submit your photos via Mail, CD or E-mail.    

Upgrade to this valuable, time saving service, priced only $10 more than a Featured Ad.


After creating your ad, you can select any of the packages from the "My Desktop" section of the website.

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